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Current Activities


Water Quality Assessment

Monitoring various parameters across the creek.

Ensuring the health of the watershed by testing the water to determine pH, TDS, dissolved oxygen, temperature, turbidity, conductivity, alkalinity, GH, nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia. By maintaining a log of parameters, we can determine the baseline conditions of the creek. This lets us see the early signs of spills, seepage, and other issues. It also informs us of where the creek needs improvement.

Creek Cleaning

Garbage Removal

A challenge with urban streams is garbage; people litter out their car windows while driving by, local residents may store their waste near a riparian zone on their property, people dump items too large for standard curbside pickup, etc. This garbage is a hazard for both humans and the animals that live in these environments. By removing the garbage we make the area safer, cleaner, and prevent potential spills from improperly disposed items.

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